Our Story

I am Aaron Mendoza, a student of the magic of making bread, I am T.S.U in Customs Administration, Bachelor of International Trade, Specialist in International Maritime Trade, passionate about bread.

I'm from Caracas Venezuela from the center to be more specific La Hoyada downtown.

I started my career of making good bread in 2016 and professionally since 2017 by the hand of Master Baker with Julio Diaz

Since then he has guided me on this long path of working for quality and not for quantity.

I have worked with the guidance of magnificent bakers such as: pan de vidave pan casero and pan patty pan who have seen my evolution in this wonderful world of pan

Thanks to pan I have met very talented people in this art pan belis dilohorneando lamigartisanbakery moncheiro they have shared with us their experiences on the elaboration of a better pan, here we go hand in hand with them representing a generation of relief that will lead the bread to another level of quality.